Faith Kingdom Life Center began as a Bible Study in the home of Pastors Roy and Mary Hollimon on August 3, 1989. The Bible Study progressed as the Lord blessed and on April 29, 1990, we had our first meeting at 1859½ Broad Street. Tremendous love and care was exhibited in the preparation of the building for God’s use. Twenty-seven were present at that first meeting. The Children’s Ministry was also birthed in the home of Pastors Roy and Mary Hollimon and remains a vital part of the overall ministry.

Roy and Mary HollimonOn June 10, 1990, the Broad Street building was dedicated to God with Pastor Roy Myles of Augusta Deliverance Evangelistic Church bringing the message. Pastor Roy Hollimon and Pastor Roy Myles held our first Baptism at Augusta Deliverance on August 15, 1990.

On May 3, 1992 we held our first service at 1852 Gordon Highway. Faith Deliverance Christian Bookstore became a tangible reality on June 5,1992, under the management of Pastor Mary Hollimon and was a viable part of the ministry for 10 years.

Efforts to enhance the development of loving relationships among spouses and other family members was evident by our first Marriage Seminar held on October 10,1992. Women were ministered to greatly and “loosed: at our first Women’s Conference on November 6, 1993, with Evangelist Nancy James. Bishop Brian Keith Williams conducted Faith’s first Men’s Conference in September of 1994 that was a blessing to all the men who attended.

Faith continued to flourish spiritually and naturally because of blessings from God. In 1996, we were able to purchase the entire Midway Plaza Complex. In November of 1999 sixteen Elders were ordained by Bishop Jerry M. & Pastor Brenda Kelly of Petersburg, VA. In September 2000 Bishop & Pastor Kelly’ ordained an additional twenty-one Elders.

In 2005, our Apostles were consecrated as AIM Pastors under Dr. I.V. and Dr. Bridgette Hilliard of New Light Ministries, Houston, TX.

We thank God for all our accomplishments these 21 years. There has been continuous remodeling and updating of our Plaza. Partners For Life; SAVVY Singles; King’s Men; Royal Women of Faith; The Youth Ministry; King’s Kids; Food Bank; Caring and Sharing Transport; Watchmen on the Wall are several Outreach ministries we have developed.

Apostolic and Prophetic order was restored to this house on June 11, 2010 through the Consecration Service of Apostles Roy and Mary Hollimon with Bishop Jerry M. and Pastor Brenda Kelly.

On January 23, 2012 Apostle Dr. Mary A. Hollimon and 14 Prophets of the House were affirmed through a special consecration service. Assisting with this service were, Apostles Dr. Georgette Magwood, Apostle Loretta Butler, and Apostles Dr. Kenneth L and Dr. Ardena S. Johnson.

Many souls have been added to the Kingdom of God these 23 years. The major thrust of this ministry is to win souls for Jesus.

Our Mission

To preach the gospel and the good news to the lost, to the poor, and healing and deliverance to the hurting, that the whole man may function in the fullness God created him. We do this through the spoken Word, print and the media, through workshops, conferences and through support groups, relying on the creative power of God

Our Vision

Empowering People of Faith to Impact the World